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Upload Profile Photo

Your perfect profile photo is a key for receiving more interest and get contacted.

Once you are logged into your profile click the SETTINGS under Profile menu on top. Then select PROFILE in your settings page.

Now click on CHANGE PROFILE PHOTO and use the Upload tab where you can find SELECT YOUR FILE.

Use the crop tool to crop your photo (or upload a square photo more than 580 x 580 pixel) and select CROP IMAGE.

Now you have successfully updated your profile photo.

Upload Cover Photo

A cover photo can be a simple attractive background image or a photo that explains yourself or even your family photo.

To upload a cover photo you need to follow similar steps as we uploaded the profile photo. But here you have to choose CHANGE COVER IMAGE in account settings page.

Profile after updating cover photo and profile photo will look similar to the below image.

Additional Photos

You can upload more photos of yours to enhance the chances of getting contacted by your perfect match.

To add more photos, in the SETTINGS option select the MEDIA tab and then click on UPLOAD button, then choose your files (multiple files can be selected)

Note: Individual image size should be less than 1 mb